Strong faith foundations in our children are built by parents and grandparents with strong marriages. Children look to you to model the faith lessons they are learning – are you practicing what you preach in the most important relationships in your life? If what we say does not change our own behavior, how can it possibly be relevant or impactful for our children? Whether your marriage is humming along nicely or could use a tune-up, I can help. 


There are many things we model in marriage. On one end of the spectrum, our marriages teach our children how to love, show tenderness, make decisions, forgive, make sacrifices and listen. On the other end of the spectrum, our marriages teach our children how to deal with conflict, how to disagree, how to deal with hard circumstances, and how to deal with failure. It can be a fishbowl, for sure, and you know those little ones are taking in everything you say and do. 

In the child-rearing years, we may think our marriages are the very last thing we have time for, but this assumption is a huge mistake! Your children will reap the benefits of the investment you make in your marriage as you demonstrate lessons like faithfulness, keeping promises, and unconditional love. The bottom line is that a healthy marriage provides security for children. 


I use and recommend the widely researched Prepare and Enrich assessment tool. It covers various areas that affect relationships including: 

  • communication 
  • conflict resolution 
  • finances 
  • spiritual beliefs 

The assessment tool helps to identify strengths and areas of growth. When this knowledge is paired with facilitator-led skill-building exercises, you will learn the best ways to capitalize on your strengths as a couple and address areas where growth is needed. The assessment and facilitator sessions can be customized to include a variety of life stages such as preparing for marriage, parenting, enriching your marriage, dealing with a previous marriage, and considering foster care or adoption. By investing in your marriage today, you are building a solid foundation for your children tomorrow. 

As a trained facilitator with Prepare and Enrich, I feel so strongly about the program that I am willing to offer an initial consultation session for free. After that consultation, you can decide if you want to move on to take the assessment and then work with me for two sessions to go over the results of the assessment. 

Begin building that foundation. 

  • Two-session package – $150 (includes assessment, report and workbooks) 
  • Additional sessions – $60 per session 


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