What a great thing it is when you are able as a parent to explain the things of God to your child and see them understand!  That’s the goal of this blog!  I want to help you and your child learn about God.  

No Time to Search for Resources?

Some of you had a childhood where you learned all about God from a young age.  You’re familiar with Biblical history and how the Bible relates to Jesus and your own life today.  Your struggle might be finding the time to pull together resources that help you pass along your lifetime of knowledge on your child’s level.  That’s where I can help.  I will be recommending resources for you to use at bedtime, around the family dinner table or whenever and wherever you are intentionally incorporating faith lessons into your daily life. 

Not Comfortable with the Bible?

Others of you did not grow up in a home where faith was a priority.  Maybe you never attended a church until you were an adult.  You are unfamiliar with the Bible and how to apply it to life.  But now that you have a relationship with Jesus, you want to make sure that your children are growing up in a home environment where they can learn about the Bible.  You’re preparing to give your children what you didn’t have, a strong foundation in the faith.  I can help you, too!  I’ll come alongside you in these blog postings to help you learn and stay a few steps ahead of those littles in your life.  You and your kids will love using them and they will help solidify the lessons you’re learning together.

Bringing the Bible to Life for Mom

The way I’d like to organize these is to offer a section just for you, mom, where we take some of what I’ll call the basics of the faith and help those of you who are new to the Bible learn at an easy pace.  We will talk about some of the implications of these truths in everyday life.  If there are any theological issues we need to explore, I will guide you through that as well.  You will want to get yourself a good translation of the Bible.  I have covered my picks in a previous post entitled Shopping for a Bible!  You can link to that post HERE.

Bringing the Bible to Life for Kids

In the section, I’ll take your lesson and break it down on a child’s level.  There will be a Bible reading from the NIrV (New International Readers Version), which is a version written for 6–10-year-olds.  You probably need to have that translation on hand as well.  I will have some basic questions that your children should be able to answer quite easily and give you some additional scriptures to use in helping them understand the answers.  I will also try to provide you with a concrete activity that will be a type of object lesson to help your children understand the concepts. Let’s Jump Right In!

Bringing The Bible to Life for Mom

Who is God?

What a great question!  And it’s a question we run into in the very first lines of the Bible!  The Bible tells us about who God is and about what God does.  In the Bible, God slowly reveals who he is, his character, his nature, his qualities and his work.  And just like you get to know a friend over time, you will get to know God over time as you spend time with him in the pages of the Bible.  Let’s start with the opening lines of Genesis, God introduces two things about himself. He is creator and He is eternal.  Take a minute to read Genesis 1:1.

God is Creator

The first line of the Bible tells us something that God has done.  He is the master creator behind the heavens and the earth and everything in them.  As you read through Genesis 1, you are going to note something different about God.  God is not like people, who create with their hands.  You will see that God speaks and creation happens.  God creates with his words.  You see the phrase, “Let there be…” repeated often.  And when that phrase is used by God, things just appear. This is a demonstration of God’s great power and authority over everything.  The second thing that you’ll notice is that God does not need raw materials to create things.  When we create things, we to start with some base material, string, paper, wood, etc.  But God simply has the idea and creates something from nothing.  Now that’s power!

God is Eternal

We notice something else in the first line of the Bible, we see a pretty major assumption about the nature of God, that He existed from the very beginning.  He existed before anything else in the world we know existed, he is eternal.   Why is this important?  It means that God exists outside of the limitations of time.  We will see, in fact that He created time!  (Look ahead to Genesis 2 on Days 1 and 4 of creation).  Because we exist within the limits of time, this is hard for us to understand.  What it shows us is that God is very different from mankind. God is defined as eternal in Deuteronomy 33:27, Romans 1:20 and 16:26, 1 Timothy 1:17 and Hebrews 9:14. 

So, the first lines of the Bible are an introduction to God.  He is eternal (his nature)  and He is the creator of all (his work). 

Bringing the Bible to Life for Kids

Now it’s your turn to teach your kiddos what you’ve just learned!   Use the following guide your devotions or discussion with your child. 

Introducing Someone New

How would you introduce a new person in your school to your set of friends? (give kids a chance to answer)

When we introduce someone new, we tell others their name and a little bit about the person. We may tell where they live or how we met.  We may tell what they do and the kind of person they are.

Introducing God

That’s exactly what the Bible is doing, introducing us to someone we don’t know very well.  The Bible is introducing us to God.  The Bible tells us about who God is and about what God does.  By reading the Bible, we can get to know God better.   

Now, let’s read Genesis 1:1 together.  (if your child can read, encourage that!)

These are the very first words of the Bible.  When I read this verse, the first question I ask is, “Who is God?”

What do we Learn About God?

From just this verse, what can you tell me about God? (give kids a chance to answer)

This little verse tells me two things about God. 

  1. It tells me that God creates. God is the one who created all things, the heavens and the earth!  That’s everything we can see and know!
  2. It tells me that God existed before He created all things.

Just like you get to know a new friend better as you spend time with him, you will get to know God better as you read the Bible. 

But for now, we can say God is our creator and God existed before everything else.

What else do you already know about God? (let your children answer)

Need More?

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