So, what if you have older children, maybe kids in elementary school or older?  Are there some resources that will help your older kids learn about how to live out their faith? Yes!  And this resource will even be valuable for you, mom, as you take the time to put it all together!  If you’re a detailed person or a crafter, you’re going to love creating this resource for your home.  And believe me, you will use it, with your kiddos and for yourself!   

The Virtue Training Bible

Let’s start with the virtues.  Noah Webster defines virtue as the voluntary obedience to truth.  Basically, virtues are the character traits that define people as moral, fine, upstanding members of society.  When we think about virtues addressed in the Bible, we are talking about traits such as honesty, faithfulness, kindness, and self-control.  Humm… sounds an awful lot like the fruit of the spirit outlined in Galatians 5:22-23! 

An Easy Reference 

What if you had a resource that could take you directly to some of the Bible verses that deal with Christian virtues, right at your fingertips?!  Would more of the moments in your day be teachable moments? Would you take the time to point out to your children the times that they were demonstrating these godly virtues? Talk about positive reinforcement! 

Well, there is a resource out there that you can pull together with the help of your own Bible, some no-bleed highlighters, an assortment of post-it tabs and some time.  I put the Child Virtue Bible together over the course of several days.  It was challenging to my soul, because as I put it together, those verses were speaking to me!  I think you will have the same experience.  Once it’s assembled, you can use it to encourage your children, even use it as a devotional.  There are 42 virtues and a section that highlights the gospel. Mindy Dunn, the creative behind this tool, even has links to colored tabs and markers so that you are set up and ready to go!

Check out the Virtue Training Bible HERE


And The Child Training Bible

The second resource you should consider is similar to the Virtue Training Bible with the difference being that it deals with some of our more sinful, and let’s face it natural, traits.  So this resource is perfect in a pinch when you’ve just observed your child’s sin nature in full force.  With 20 traits that we would all like to learn to overcome,  like anger, fear, jealousy, defiance, tattling, pride and more, this resource helps you thoughtfully tab your Bible with verses that remind you to put off the old self and put on the new self. 

Learning How to Walk With God

Colossians 3:9-10 were the verses that Mindy Dunn had in mind when she compiled all of these traits in order to help her own family learn how to walk with God.  The daily discipline of stopping our natural inclinations and replacing them with godly responses is how we grow to be more like Jesus.  Help your children learn these lessons based not on what you say, but on what God’s word says. 

By having a Bible tabbed for quick reference to these particular verses, you will have on hand God’s instruction for every day life.  There are even prayers suggested for each category and discussion questions to help you guide your child in understanding how to apply scripture to their own behavior.  I was REALLY convicted when I assembled this resource, but I have used it over and over.  I honestly use it more for myself than my grandkids!  Again, you’ll use your own Bible, some highlighters and post-it tabs to put this all together, assembly is required!

Learn to Assemble The Child Training Bible Here  


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