Since we are in the month of August, it’s time for a break in blogging about the little ones.  I’m turning to address those of you whose children have grown up. You are facing the fact that they are leaving the nest.  It might be that they will be off to college, some will take a gap year, others will decide to join the military and others will simply move out or begin new jobs.  Where they are going is not so much the point, it’s that they are leaving the safety of your home and watchful eye.  Yes, they are grown-ish, and ready to begin stretching those wings of independence.  Are they ready?  Are you ready?!

A Change of Season

This is a change of season for you.  Believe it or not, all that you have poured into your children over the years will come back to them!  You’re probably not all that confident that they have learned what you’ve tried to teach.  But experience has taught us one thing.  We all revert back to what our parents have said, and often hear the same words dripping from our mouths.  Your almost grown, super independent and perhaps a bit stubborn teen will experience this as well!  That will be a day that you both laugh!  But for now, you’ll have to trust that your prayers for them are heard and will be answered.  And that they will return to you for wisdom and advice on occasion.  But there is one more set of resources that you can give them on their way out the door.  And they are FREE!

A Few Great Resources from CRU

Many people have a hard time putting their beliefs into words.  And it’s often hard to enter into spiritual conversations with people who you don’t know or whom you have just met.  Your young adult will meet all kinds of new people as they step into the world of independence.  As one last teachable moment, we can equip them with resources that will help them approach the subject of spirituality in a disarming way that encourages a free flow of conversation.  These products that I’m recommending have been created to do just that.  All of these are resources put out by CRU, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ.  CRU targets the young adult segment with both discipleship and evangelism resources.  And since their audience is young adults, the resources are creative and compelling!  These will make great graduation or going away gifts!  And again, the apps are FREE!


I love using the Soularium product!  We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words.  And when engaging  people about their spiritual journey, it’s intriguing to begin the conversation with a photo capturing the essence of their own journey.  Soularium includes about 50 photographs, that’s a lot of choices!   Whether you use the hard copy version (available from the CRU store) or the app (which is free), you will find that people love looking through the pictures to find what resonates with them.  It’s a disarming way to dive deep into a person’s faith journey, where they are now, and where they want to be.  

Link to Soularium 


Perspective Cards are my next favorite product.  The hard copy version, available through CRU, looks like a deck of cards.  The cards are divided into 5 categories, View of God, Meaning and Purpose of Life, Human Nature, View of Jesus, and Source of Spiritual Truth. Within each category are a variety of common world views (including the Christian worldview) with illustrations and explanations.  Use these cards as a launching point to discover the belief system of someone new.   It’s fun, because you can approach it as a game.   And it gets people thinking , helping them identify their own beliefs.   Perspective cards transition evangelism from a monologue to a dialogue!  And you can build a relationship in the process.   CRU provides  training videos on how to use the cards or the app.  The good thing about the app is that you always have it with you!  

Link to Perspective


Finally, you’ll want to send your young adult off with an app that will help them as well as others!  The GodTools app includes a whole menu of all of the most popular CRU products including Know God Personally, Satisfied, Power over Fear, Questions about God, and Honor Restored.  All of these include plenty of scripture support right in the app and link to additional resources.  So, even when you might not be available to answer a spiritual question, these apps will be available.  

Link to GodTools

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