Theology is a hard topic!  And teaching theological concepts to your children, well that can seem to be an impossible task! Until now!  That’s right, I’ve found a resource that takes complex theological terms and brings them to the lower shelf, within your child’s reach!  So, be brave, teach theology to your children!  Whether you homeschool or not!

The Ology:  Ancient Truths Ever New

This is another hit by Marty Machowski. He has put a tremendous amount of thought and study behind this book.  And quite frankly, I will be using this book often to help me explain theological truths to others.  It’s a far more understandable resource than the systematic theology books I had to read in seminary!  Hey, if a 6-11 year old can get it (the age group this book targets), then surely you’ll also be able to understand these principles!  You’ll have no reason to avoid teaching theology to your children and you may learn something too!

What the Book Covers

The book covers  various categories of theology:

  • God
  • People
  • Sin
  • God’s Promises and the Law
  • Christ
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Adoption into God’s Family
  • Change
  • Church
  • End Times
  • God’s Word

Phew!  That’s a bunch of theology!  Most explanations are dealt with in one or two short pages.  Each has a scripture passage and an illustration to go along with the explanation.   This book is written in such a way that these concepts are very understandable.  So, adults can also get a lot from reading this book.  If you are concerned about grounding your children in solid biblical worldview, you will need to take this resource seriously.  Theology for children is within reach!

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