I wanted to take a moment to pause and thank all of you who follow the blog and support this effort to help families invest in the faith of children.  When I started this blog last May, I had no idea how much fun I would have and how much I would learn.  You have made this a wonderful adventure!  And many of you have contributed your time, ideas, encouragement, prayers and suggestions for resources to review!  What a great partnership!  I look forward to the coming year to see what God has planned for Faith for Generations.

We are all aware that our children are facing so many challenges.  No doubt the coming year will include more challenges for them as the culture shifts so rapidly.  One thing I know is that your children are very blessed to have you in their lives.  You care about their future and their faith. As parents, grandparents, teachers, babysitters, and influencers your faith will impact those around you. Maximizing that impact is what Faith for Generations is all about. I want to help you with the task of being intentional about faith lessons. To make that easier, I’m committed to equipping you to know God’s Word and teach God’s Word in ways that engage the hearts and minds of the children in your lives.  

So stick with me in the coming year!  And have a very Merry Christmas as you celebrate our Savior who is the source of our hope and future!

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