As I wrap up my own investigation into the truth of Christianity, I thought it would be valuable to recommend resources to help you in your investigation. Taking an investigational approach to faith keeps us grounded as we face many false claims in culture. One series I love is written by J. Warner Wallace. Initially doubting Christianity, this detective follows the evidence, leading him to conclude that Christianity is TRUE! The books document his own investigations and clearly show that faith is evidence based. To complement the adult versions, Wallace offers a children’s series for 8-12 year-olds. Your children can learn the same things that you are learning! Teach your children to THINK as they explore evidence leading to truth.

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Cold Case Christianity for Kids


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Cold Case Christianity for Kids is the starting point in this series.  In this book, children learn a basic investigational approach: 

  • Learn to Infer
  • Think Circumstantially
  • Test Witnesses
  • Respect the Chain of Custody
  • Separate Artifacts from Evidence 
  • Resist Conspiracy Theories  

Each chapter uses the above principals to solve a mystery.  The same approach is then used to investigate the truth of Jesus.  What results is the powerful conclusion that Christianity is TRUE!


God’s Crime Scene for Kids


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Building on the investigational approach is the second book in the series, God’s Crime Scene for Kids. This book focuses on the evidence we have that God is the creator of the universe.   Most children are taught that our universe is random and accidental. Wallace shows that our universe is created by intelligent design. Things like the fine-tuning of our universe, our understanding of right and wrong, the intricate and artistic details of the universe and the information in our DNA all point to an intelligent designer. Help your children see that the evidence points to God as our creator.


Forensic Faith for Kids


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Third in the series is Forensic Faith for Kids. In this book, you’ll learn that Biblical faith is not blind, it’s based on evidence. Learn to assemble some hard evidence for faith. You’ll be ready to talk about faith objectively and with confidence. Not every question will be completely answered, but evidence can help us make a reasonable decision to trust Jesus!! Learn about Wallace’s investigational approach to faith and let your questions lead you to the truth of Jesus!



Person of Interest

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And finally, Person of Interest is Wallace’s most recent book.  It’s a fascinating approach to apologetics!  Wallace begins with an assumption that no Biblical evidence is available to prove a case for Jesus.  That might seem like an impossible task!  Person of Interest reveals the truth of Jesus is found in many places beyond scripture!  Our calendar, art, education, and yes, even science all have the fingerprints of Jesus!  Wallace reconstructs the basics of the gospel message entirely from unexpected external sources.  This resource is amazing!



This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.

One Final Note

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