It’s hard to believe it’s been an entire year of research and blogging! I was so excited to form Faith For Generations to help parents and grandparents find solid Christian resources that are both educational and fun. I have that same enthusiasm today and hope that what I have shared through the site is helping you establish a foundation of faith at home. We’re excited to be celebrating one year with you!  I hope you’ll stick with me for years to come!  

What I’ve Learned This Year

With any new endeavor there is a learning curve.  I’ve been on that learning curve this year!  The thing is, I love to learn. As I celebrate one year of Faith for Generations, I thought I’d share with you four lessons I’ve learned. 


Lesson #1: The Help of Others Makes Us Better

 It’s hard for me to believe that I have developed a website.  I had the help of Heather Tyo and her team at Dot Your I to guide me.  They made launching the site a huge success!  The first lesson I learned is that I can’t do everything on my own.  Sometimes we need the help of others.  Whether it’s a friend or a professional team (or in my case both!) it is a great thing to collaborate.  I’m celebrating the strength I’ve gained through the help of others.  If you need Dot Your I’s help, you can find them here:

Dot Your i


Lesson #2:  Be Generous with Encouragement

Another group of people who have helped me this year have been a dedicated group of friends willing to critique, research and suggest topics and resources that might be of interest.  These people have children (and grandchildren) of their own and are in the trenches of teaching about God, Jesus and a Biblical Worldview.  There’s a long list, so I won’t mention them all by name,  you all know who you are!  The encouragement of friends makes doing something new seem easier.  And their encouragement meant the world to me.  I want to be that kind of encourager!  So, Lesson #2 is be generous with encouragement.  I’m not talking about shallow or dishonest encouragement, but genuine, thoughtful and honest encouragement.  I’m celebrating one year of being encouraged by a great team of friends!


Lesson #3:  Children’s Resources Can Teach Adults

Yes!  Amazing isn’t it?!  I really respect people who can take complex topics and break them down into bite sized pieces that children can understand.  But not all children’s resources are the same. The hallmark of a great resource is remaining aligned with scripture and sound theology.  That’s a hard combo, but when I find such a resource, I always learn something!  I have featured some of those resources this year.  Some of my favorites have been lessons in apologetics and worldview.  Those of you who follow my blog have seen this!  The third lesson I’ve learned it that children’s resources can teach adults.  I now frequently go to these resources to bolster my own understanding.   

My Favorites


Lesson #4:  We Learn More When It’s FUN!

For those of you who know me well, you know I like to have fun!  Who doesn’t?!  But how do you make learning about the Bible fun?  This has probably been one of my favorite lessons this year.  I had the opportunity to create some fun learning tools that I hope I can share with you in the coming months.   In the meantime, you’ll have to try out some of the activities I’ve suggested in earlier blog posts, including the lesson on sin.  Be prepared to get messy, and make sure you have fun doing it!  I’m celebrating one year of  fun learning!

Sin Lesson


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