This week, we will have some of our grandkids for Mimi and Pappy’s Vacation Bible School.  The week will fly by!  It will be a week of  fun, learning, and lots of laughter.  As I’ve been prepping for the Bible lessons, I found some books in my stack that you probably need to know about!  I’ll be using some of these to supplement what we will talk about this week.  Basically, our Bible lessons will begin with Creation, move to The Fall.  Next we will talk about Jonah and the Big Fish. The grandkids requested that story!  Finally we will talk about redemption in Jesus with an Escape Room wrap-up review.  WHEW!  I hope to have some photos so you can see our fun!  For this week, I’d like to introduce you to a book by Marty Machowski, Don’t Blame the Mud, Only Jesus Makes Us Clean.  When we discuss sin, we’ll learn that blaming the mud doesn’t get us off the hook.  I do have a few older posts on these topics.  You can follow the links below if you’d like to review those posts. And, yes, I will be doing the chocolate object lesson with them!

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Don’t Blame the Mud, Only Jesus Makes Us Clean

Most of us and our children can relate to Don’t Blame the Mud  by Marty Machowski.  Really, who hasn’t been enticed to leave the sidewalk of what we know is right, only to walk down a trail of what looks a lot more fun but is the wrong choice!  The result of flirting with the temptation is getting muddy with sin.  We are just like Max!  Dabbling with the mud, repeatedly, until at last we are covered with mud!  Of course Max tries to hide the facts by blaming the mud.  He tries to skirt responsibility for being muddy.  We are all the same, that pesky sin nature gets in our way.  

In the back of the book, the parent pages give you some follow-up tips to use with your children.  In addition to a discussion of sin, there is also a clear presentation of the gospel.  These two parental resources will help you launch further spiritual discussions with your children. And that interaction is how they grow spiritually!  Make Don’t Blame the Mud part of your home library.  Read it often.  It’s a relatable story for your child as they learn about their own sin and how to repent.   For ages 4 – 8.

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