If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’re probably wondering why I’ve been silent for awhile.  Well, aside from a wonderful month-long visit from my mother, I’ve been reworking a children’s book I wrote for my granddaughter.  And I am very happy to report that my very first e-book is now available!  I was inspired to write this book as a fun tool for Milly to use as she developed early language skills.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading Milly Picks a Pet together with your own children and grandchildren! 

About the Book

Written in rhyme and meant to be used interactively, this book allows your child to make choices to control the storyline. Your child will help Milly pick a pet.  Milly’s other pets, Coach and Fish play a part in the story as well.  Once your child has completed one story, go back to the beginning to discover another story!  My recommendation is that you print out the book so that it’s easier to flip to the correct page to follow the story as it unfolds for your child.  You may be able to navigate it on the computer, but I found it easier to navigate in printed form.  I’ve tried to limit the number of pictures to save ink, but let’s face it, pictures are what we love about children’s books!  

Little Lessons In the Book

As the parent, you’ll want to emphasize the lessons on friendship, kindness and sharing using the scriptures at the end of most (but not all) of the stories. You’ll also want to encourage your child to verbalize each selection, rather than just pointing to them.    Before you turn the page, you might also want to ask, “What do you think will happen?”  The idea is to engage your child in the story and get them talking!  When you purchase Milly Picks a Pet, you’ll instantly receive the download.  Use the link below to purchase the download for $7. Have fun reading this with your children!    And there just might be another book in the making….How Fish Got His Name!  Milly Picks a Pet is appropriate for ages 4 – 8.

Purchase Now

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