If you haven’t already started a family tradition of celebrating Advent, it’s not too late to start, even this year!  I’ve just finished an Advent book entitled Dinner Table Advent.  If you can spare 10 minutes before or after a family meal, then you’ll have time to teach your family about the true meaning of Christmas.  Dinner Table Advent is designed to be used once a week during the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas.  You’ll learn about the Prophecy Candle, Bethlehem Candle, Shepherd’s Candle, Angel’s Candle and the Christ Candle.  On Christmas Day you can read the entire story of Jesus’ birth in chronological order.  Celebrating Advent at home is well worth the time because it focuses on the true meaning of Christmas.   Surely you can spare 10 minutes!

An Advent Centerpiece 

Making Advent a part of your family tradition is pretty easy.  You can assemble your own Advent wreath with things you have at home.  Use candles and candle holders you have around the house. That’s what I did! I made this wreath from a piece of dollar store garland. Make the center Christ candle stand out from the others.  You can see that I used small red candles on the perimeter and a big white candle for the center Christ Candle.  Believe me, your children will be more interested in lighting the candles than they will in the aesthetics of the overall centerpiece!  And you can use it as your dinner table centerpiece through the entire Advent season!

The Lessons

The lessons are designed for short attention spans, allow for a wide age range and include interactive elements to engage the whole family. If you’re a few weeks late in incorporating Advent into your family time, it’s not too late!  These short lessons can be combined or used in succession over several days in a row.  You could even use them the week before Christmas and cover a lesson each day. 

Using the Electronic Book

We have thought about the fact that you probably don’t want to print out the entire e-book, ink is expensive!  So we have provided the scripture passage cut outs at the end of the ebook in black and white.  Just print out pages 27-35 and cut out the Bible reading passages each week.  Your children can show off their reading skills and younger ones can show off their comprehension skills!  The questions are generally softball questions, but there is a summary that answers the questions just in case your children are unfamiliar with the story of Jesus’ birth. 

Make Advent a Family Tradition

Celebrating Advent at home is a special time with family.  It gives you the chance to make Jesus central to your Christmas celebration.  And it will help your children understand why Jesus’ birth is so important to the world and to each of them personally.  I hope you will enjoy Dinner Table Advent this year and for years to come as you make it part of your family Advent tradition!

What Others Are Saying

“I love this. You pull scripture together so nicely and explain it in a kid friendly way without diluting the gospel. It is so interactive, and parents don’t have to be knowledgeable themselves to share. It is clear, easy to follow, and is such a help to parents who struggle to explain the truth of Christmas to their kids. What a blessing this will be to people.”   – Amy C.

Dinner Table Advent

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