If there has ever been a generation that needs a solid foundation in apologetics, we are rearing that generation!  What is apologetics?  The word means “to give a defense.”  We teach our children to drive defensively, but do we teach them to defend the truths of the Bible?  That’s what apologetics is all about.  Being ready to give a reason for the faith we live by.  Our faith is not blind faith, nor it is based in feeling.  Faith is based on evidence, and there is a lot of evidence available to explore.  Why not help your children learn at an early age the evidence behind a Christian worldview?  You may want to start with the evidence of the empty tomb.

‘Possums and the Empty Tomb

In ‘Possums and the Empty Tomb,  James and Ruth stumble upon a hollowed out rock that reminds them of Jesus’s empty tomb.  They find three curious possums living in the rock.  The possums ask James and Ruth about Jesus’ resurrection. It’s hard for the possums to believe that Jesus rose from the dead.  The possums present various other reasons why the tomb might have been empty.  They are the same arguments commonly used to undermine the truth of the resurrection.  But James and Ruth are prepared!  They are able to explain why the resurrection is the most likely reason for the empty tomb.  In the parent section, J. and D. Camorlinga discuss the minimal facts approach to defending the resurrection of Jesus.  We can all learn to defend our faith based on the evidence! These books are appropriate for elementary aged children.

Additional Apologetic Resources From J. D. Camorlinga

Searching for some additional resources on apologetics for children?  Please consider the other children’s books by authors J. and D. Camorlinga.   I have reviewed the books in past posts.  You can access those by clicking on the buttons below.

Fox and the Hard Day


Pooch and the Pearly Gates


Pig and the Accidental Oink!



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