This week, I’ve curated my favorite Christian resources for the 4 to 7 year age range.  I count myself blessed to have been reared in a Christian home.  Many of you didn’t have that luxury.  But now, as a believing parent or grandparent, you have the opportunity to help the children in your life know about Jesus from an early age.  Children ages 4-7 will have lots of questions about Jesus, God, creation and many other things!  I’ve combed through what’s out there to try to help you teach the basics to your children.  I’m sharing my favorite Christian resources for ages 4-7 so that you don’t have to spend the time researching these for yourself.  I hope these little gems will strengthen your own understanding of the gospel!  Let’s take a look at my favorites!

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Jesus Storybook Bible

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Children need to begin reading and understanding the Bible very early.  But even translations written for young readers can be difficult for this particular age group.  That’s why I have started with the Jesus Storybook Bible. This little book by Sally Lloyd-Jones traces the purpose of God through major stories of the Bible. The illustrations are wonderful, and at the end of each story the reader is reminded that God has a plan to rescue His people and restore them to himself. It’s appropriate for the littlest of littles (4 and up) and for grown-ups who need a refresher course in the overall message of Scripture.

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For Christmas: Prepare Him Room

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Prepare Him Room is your guide to celebrate an engaging Advent at home.  Marty Machowski guides you through the four weeks of Advent with lessons for each week, plus a reading from a Christmas story about an orphan named Christopher.  The lessons cover Old Testament prophecies and show how Jesus fulfills those prophecies.  There are discussion questions, family activities  and even sing-alongs!   I have more details about this resource in. my review.  There is also a companion curriculum planned for release later this year that includes lessons for pre-schoolers, lower elementary and upper elementary.  Stay tuned!

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For Easter: The Garden The Curtain and the Cross

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Last time I introduced you to The Garden, The Curtain and The Cross  by Carl Laferton.  This Easter season devotional begins with the Garden of Eden, explaining how mankind’s rebellion separates us from God. He continues on to the curtain in the Temple, another visual separation between God and man. The next stop is the Cross, followed by the Resurrection, where we learn how the relationship between God and man is restored through Jesus. It’s designed to grow with your children.  Once your kiddos are in the 4-7 year age range, add the coloring book and purchase the Easter calendar/family devotional.  The calendar gives you 15 doors to open leading up to Easter along with 10-minute family devotions to guide you through the Easter season.   This resource could easily make teaching your children about Easter a family tradition!

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Wisdom for Littles

Training children to think carefully, critically and independently must start early. Foundation Worldview offers three levels of curriculum.  Each level is appropriately tailored for children at different developmental levels.  The first level targets younger children, ages 4-7.   The Early Childhood Series is very basic, giving children a solid foundation before entering school. Be sure to repeat this particular curriculum as your child grows and learns.  You will find this early foundation will make a critical difference in the way that your child is able to process the world.  This is a digital resource available from

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These two rhyming books are a delightful way to introduce making wise choices.  Another fun element is the hidden frog (boy’s version) and hidden cat (girl’s version) in each illustration. You’ll have fun finding those!   The boy’s book deals with self-control, friendship, being truthful, bravery and kindness, just to name a few.  The girl’s version deals with helpfulness, confidence, thoughtfulness, creativity, and more.   Elizabeth and Jim George make sure to include the Biblical foundation for each of the 19 virtues.  


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Family Devotions:  4 Choices!


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Devotions in Proverbs

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Getting the family together for devotions can be daunting!  With school, work activities and running a family, where do we find the time to fit in devotions?  Well, Marty Machowski has the answer for you and it only takes is 10 minutes a day!   Here are four favorite Christian devotional resources for ages 4-7:

  • Long Story Short – devotions through the Old Testament
  • Old Story New – devotions through the New Testament
  • Wise Up! – devotions in  Proverbs
  • Listen Up! – devotions though the parables of Jesus
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This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using this link. Please see my disclosure for more details.

Coming Next Week

Next week I’ll share some of my favorite resources for children in the 8 and older range.  You have a wonderful opportunity to introduce faith to children in your life.  Don’t miss out on the resources that can help you!  Many of these resources will be family heirlooms and some will build traditions that will span multiple generations.  Start early!  

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